Seminal ephemeral combination of words.

Chemical electrical flow of these nerves.

From synapses, time lapses as I find the right verbs.

Morality of reality collapses to thirds.

Photographer, timelapser, and artist Kevin Greene was born in Culver City, CA many full moons ago. He received a marketing degree from California State University Northridge. After a brief stint in Virginia as a business consultant, he returned to Los Angeles and completed art classes at Santa Monica Community College. Kevin got a job at a plush company called Street Players by pretending to be a photographer (he never used a DSLR in his life). He googled photography before the interview, got the job, and was originally going to spend 1 week shooting product photos. He ended up staying for 3 years. He graduated from fake photographer to real photographer, developed full lines of product, marketing materials and more. On his first business trip to China he bought his first Canon camera (60D) and tried to figure out timelapse photography. Eventually he figured it out. He now works for another toy company called NKOK as a senior artist and shoots photography whenever he can. He says the moon, the skies and his friends are his biggest inspirations.