Seminal ephemeral combination of words.

Chemical electrical flow of these nerves.

From synapses, time lapses as I find the right verbs.

Morality of reality collapses to thirds.

Photographer, timelapser, and artist Kevin Greene was born in Culver City, CA many full moons ago. He received a marketing degree from California State University Northridge. After a brief stint in Virginia as a business consultant, he returned to Los Angeles and completed art classes at Santa Monica Community College. Kevin got a job at a plush company called Street Players by pretending to be a photographer (he never used a DSLR in his life). He googled photography before the interview, got the job, and was originally going to spend 1 week shooting product photos. He ended up staying for 3 years. He graduated from fake photographer to real photographer, developed full lines of product, marketing materials, and more. On his first business trip to China, he bought his first camera, a Canon 60D, and decided to figure out timelapse photography. He now works for another toy company called NKOK as a senior artist and shoots photography whenever he can. He says the moon, the skies and his friends are his biggest inspirations.